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As members of the local community ourselves, 5280 Connectors’ goal over the course of the Central 70 Project is to provide a transparent process, demonstrating to the local community and traveling public at all times how we and the project will address community needs.

We understand that construction on the I-70 will have a major impact on the lives of everyone who lives in Denver, especially those in Globeville, Elyria & Swansea, Northeast Park Hill, Stapleton, Montbello, Aurora, and Gateway neighborhoods. 5280 Connectors will offer our full support to CDOT throughout the project to mitigate traffic, noise, and environmental impacts.

Communication between all stakeholders is paramount in successfully bringing this project to completion, and residents and local businesses are important stakeholders. If selected to construct the Central 70 Project, we will make keeping the community informed and aware a top priority, continuing and supporting the extensive feedback process CDOT implemented through the High Performance Transportation Enterprise and Colorado Bridge Enterprise as they analyzed the corridor for traffic congestion solutions.

Our plans for construction call for hiring locally and employing local businesses, taking advantage of their expertise and knowledge of the area and growing the local economy even before the project is completed. Interested subcontractors can fill out our interest form now or attend an upcoming outreach event to learn more.

The Central 70 Project is a sterling example of infrastructure designed not just to move people around but to create something better than what came before, literally bridging the gap between two communities and opening up spaces where people can play and relax. 5280 Connectors hopes to work with you to realize that design and further enhance the East Corridor.

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