Colorado Central 70 Project
Colorado Central 70 Project
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What is the Central 70 Project?

The Central 70 Corridor provides regional access from downtown Denver and the metropolitan area to Denver International Airport, serves as an inner beltway between I-225 and I-270, and provides access to adjacent employment areas, neighborhoods, and new development centers. Built 60 years ago, today it is one of the most heavily traveled and congested highway corridors in the Denver region and the state. The Central 70 Project will reduce congestion, improve safety, and make it easier to get on and off the highway in the corridor.

Financing through a Public-Private Partnership

To finance this ambitious project, CDOT has selected a public-private partnership (PPP) delivery method. Utilizing a PPP offers advantages such as improved construction and design, accelerated delivery, and increased scope and schedule capabilities. CDOT will maintain ownership and oversight of the highway, guaranteeing that the road is kept repaired and well-maintained by tying annual payments to the private contractor to performance criteria set by CDOT.

5280 Connectors is currently pursuing a contract to serve as CDOT’s partner in bring their vision for the Central 70 Corridor to fruition. You can learn more about 5280 Connectors in our Meet the Team section.

Subcontracting Opportunities

We anticipate this project creating many subcontracting opportunities for local businesses. If you are a business owner interested in subcontracting with 5280 Connectors, please visit our Interested Firms page and Complete The Form to sign up for our mailing list.


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