RCTC I-15 Express Lanes Design-Build Project
RCTC I-15 Express Lanes Design-Build Project

The Project

We have developed our team specifically to address the challenges of the I-15 Express Lanes project to offer RCTC expertise in the two most critical aspects of the work: high-capacity freeway reconstruction and tolling systems integration.

Partnering with RCTC and Caltrans to meet the following goals will allow us to realize this project’s overall vision of decreasing congestion levels in Riverside County:

  • Improving existing, opening year, and future (2040) mobility and traffic operation within the I-15 Express Lanes Project corridor by reducing congestion levels;
  • Expanding travel choices within the I-15 Express Lanes Project corridor by introducing tolled express lanes;
  • Minimizing traffic diversions to local roadways due to freeway congestion;
  • Expanding the tolled express lane network in Riverside County;
  • Minimizing the use of Measure A funds while maximizing other funding sources; and
  • Managing traffic demand during and after construction.
  • Looking for more details? Check out RCTC’s project page for information on project funding information, notices and environmental reports.

    About Design Build

    Design build (DB) is a project delivery model in which design and construction services are contracted to a single entity, the design builder. This model harkens back to a master builder approach and supplants the design-bid-build model, in which an owner contract with a designer to create the project and then a builder to construct it. Instead, the DB model offers greater adaptability and flexibility by allowing the owner and DB firm to collaborate on a design with an eye for constructability. In the case of the I-15 improvements, the DB model ultimately supports design innovation and cost savings by creating projects tailor-made for Southern California, built of local materials by our local experts, as part of longstanding collaborative relationships with Caltrans.

    Further, the DB model allows for an on-going design process to keep the project nimble. With designers, engineers and craft personnel all working in partnership with Caltrans and RCTC, unforeseen construction hindrances can be readily accommodated into the design. Consequently, phasing and scheduling shifts can be immediately implemented to keep projects advancing on time and within budget. And a swiftly progressing, fiscally responsible project gets Riverside County residences moving freely along their highways sooner.


    Skanska, Ames, and AZTEC combine to bring a vast pool of local talent to the I-15 Express Lanes project. With more than 95 years’ experience in Southern California, we also clearly know which tasks are best self-performed and which benefit from the assistance of well-qualified subcontractors. Coordinating with other local contractors, especially small, disadvantaged, women-owned and minority-owned businesses, brings rich and diverse perspectives to our projects and keeps us firmly in tune with the pulse of the local community. Please see our Subcontractors page for more information. If you are a subcontractor interested in business opportunities, please also see our Interested Bidder form.

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