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Basic navigation in the Windows application
1.       Login to the DocuPro Plan Room and open your project
           a.       Details: Basic project information
           b.       Contacts: Address books and contact prequalification status
           c.       Documents: Documents that have been uploaded to the project
           d.       Bid Packages: Bid Packages that have been set up for the project
           e.       Communications: Notifications that have been sent from the project
           f.        Plan Holders: List of accounts that have Downloaded, Viewed, Ordered project documents
           g.       Reports: Generate reports for Bid Packages or Documents
2.       Click on the header for any column to sort by that column
            a.       Data can be sorted by multiple columns
            b.       A number will be show in parenthesis after the header to show the order that the data is sorted in
            c.       Click on the header of a column to stop sorting by that column
3.       Access the available menus via a right click function
            a.       Select Advanced Menus to see more advanced options