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Navigating the App - Windows Mobile
Install the Application
1.       Go to
2.       Enter User Name and Password received in your notification
               a.     Click Forgot Password if you do not know your password
               b.     The password resetl link will be sent from
3.       Click Login
4.       Click Manage Account
5.       Click Download Apps or Start Free Trial under the Mobile Apps section 
6.       Enter your email address
7.       Click Continue 
8.       Enter your password
9.       Click Continue
   10.     Click on Click Here to install the application
Login and Add a Project
1.       Go to Start > All Programs > Dodge Data and Analytics > DocuPro Mobile
2.       Enter your User Name
3.       Enter your Password
4.       Click OK

5.       Click Menu > Add Project
6.       Select the desired project
7.       Click Ok

8.       Wait for the project data to download

9.       Click OK on the status pop-up box once the download is complete
           a.       Close and reopen the project

Open and Sync/View a Project
1.       Open the desired project
2.       Navigate to the desired folder to view the project documents
            a.       Click Other to select the desired view (List View, Grid View, Split View)
3.       To view the documents offline, sync the desired documents to your iPad
            a.       Navigate to the desired static folder (not a discipline folder)
            b.       Tap Other > Sync Project Documents
4.       Click OK on the download pop-up box to sync the documents 

5.       Click Ok on the pop-up box
6.       Close and reopen the project
7.       Double click or select Quick View to view a document in a new window
            a.       Utilize the Previous and Next buttons to navigate through the documents
            b.       Utilize the Links in the right pane to navigate between linked documents

8.       Right click on a linked document and select New Window to open the document in a new Quick View window

Remove a Project
1.       From the Projects page click Menu > Purge Projects

2.       Select the desired project
3.       Click Ok

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